Soon to depart Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard has revealed that there was a possibility of him signing a contract extension with Liverpool had an offer been made last summer during pre-season.

Gerrard, who revealed that he will depart Liverpool after more than a decade at the club, said that he did not have any idea regarding the play time that he would have got with Liverpool following his retirement from International football.

In an interview with LiverpoolECHO’s reporter James Pearce, Gerrard revealed that the idea of game time made him decide that he’ll leave at the end of the season, a Ia ve got to be honest, that chat with Brendan came earlier than I was expecting.

a It was about a month before that he first mentioned to me about managing my game time. We had another chat on the subject recently a 10 days to two weeks ago.

a It was tough but I understood. Ita s been very amicable. Everyone knows how much I rate Brendan. Our relationship is very good.

a There hasna t been a cross word between us. Brendan has been fantastic for me. My only regret is that I didna t get to work with him at a younger age.

a Yes, if a contract had been put in front of me in pre-season I would have signed it. Ia d just retired from England to concentrate all my efforts on Liverpool. I didna t want my club games to be tailored.

a My injury record had been fantastic for the past two and a half years and I had a great season from a personal point of view last season. Ita s all ifs, buts and hindsight now. That period between the summer and the end of November gave me thinking time.

a Therea s no blame and Ia m not angry about it. There are other people in the squad and the club had other things to worry about. Liverpool Football Club have been unbelievable for me since I was eight years old. This club has helped me fulfil my dreams over and over again,” he added.

Gerrard is being linked with a move to the MLS where is he expected to sign a lucrative deal and follow in the footsteps of former teammates David Beckham and Robbie Keane. The 34-year old proved a day ago that his club still rely heavily on him after putting another FA Cup rescue act against AFC Wimbledon. The question that most Liverpool fans will be asking now is why a contract wasn’t offered to Gerrard in the summer.