Steven Gerrard has praised Jose Mourinho and has called him a the best manager in the worlda . Before the Chelsea vs Liverpool game, Chelsea boss Mourinho had tagged Gerrard as his a favourite enemya . To that Gerrard lauded the Portuguese manager and showed the utmost respect for him.

Post match, Steven Gerrard said, “I’ve got huge respect for him, he’s the best manager in the world for me. I’d have signed for him three times if I wasn’t a Liverpool fan.

“He’s the reason why my head was turned on a couple of occasions, but he understood why I couldna t do it, and that’s because I love Liverpool football club.

“I did [wonder] at the time, but for me I always said to myself if I win a couple of trophies at Liverpool it would an awful lot mean more to me than to win 10 at Chelsea, Real Madrid or Inter Milan.

“It always means more to win it for your people.”

Jose Mourinho had also said that he wanted to sign Steven Gerrard thrice at Chelsea, Inter Milan and at Real Madrid. Gerrard being an ardent Liverpool fan never thought of leaving The Reds for glory.

Steven Gerrard played his final match at Stamford Bridge, as he will leave Liverpool at the end of the season. He is destined to join MLS side LA Galaxy.