Former liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman believes Manchester United are A?150million away from winning the Premier League title.

United were thumped 3-0 by Everton on Sunday, marking back-to-back league defeats for the first time since Louis van Gaal took over as manager of the club and BT Sport football expert Steve McManaman, speaking on the channela s news and debate show Football Tonight, said that teams tailing off towards the end of the season has helped United claim their place in the top four.

Steve believes that United despite having a brilliant second half of the season are still one big spending spree away from reclaiming their place at the top of the table.

He said: “I think they are miles away, A?150million away from winning the title. I have been disappointed with the way they have played. I think the fact that they played so well against Liverpool and Tottenham has rescued them.”

“I expected them to play much better and be closer, as in they have never ever been anywhere near challenging for the title this year. They have got a little bit closer at the end of the season as other teams have tailed off.”

“So I expected them to be closer playing a better standard of football.”

McManaman also believes the absence of European football has helped United this season.

The former Midfielder also shared his views on Chelsea, who are almost certain to be Champions of England in the coming weeks.Chelsea were slammed for playing “Boring” football in the weekend and McManaman believes Chelsea do play a brand of football that is not quite attractive, but he would have loved to play for them if it meant winning the premier League.

He said: “Bit of a turn off? Yes. Would I want to play in this side? Yes I would, I would love to play in this side, because if it means you are winning the Barclays Premier League, I would love to play in this side.”