Liverpool attacker Raheem Sterling has been implored to sign a new deal by former Reds player and club legend John Barnes.

Sterling’s current deal expires in 2017, but he has stalled over a new contract as he is holding out for more wages. Earlier in the week, it was Harry Redknapp who opined that Sterling was lucky to play at a club like Liverpool and should stay there to develop further.

Barnes, who played 314 times for Liverpool in an 11-year spell, told talkSPORT, a Raheem Sterling should absolutely sign the contract and stay at Liverpool.

a I would advise any young player who has just been in the game for a year or so to stay and learn his trade. Show a level of consistently over a four or five year period before you make a big move. You will then be judged as a A?50m player.

At 20, Sterling has developed into a good player but is yet to reach his full potential. Sides with more funds price away such players with and the likes of Scott Sinclair and Jack Rodwell have been recent examples, but their development is then stalled as bigger sides always have competition for places and it’s hard to get into the team where you already have quality players in the side.

Barnes felt that Sterling will have to be careful in choosing his next club as it’ll be the most important step in the next phase of his career, a Wea ve seen it with Scott Sinclair and Jack Rodwell at Manchester City. Where are they now?

a Sterling is not ready for a move to Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester City. He needs another two or three years at Liverpool. Then, if he decides he wants to move on, fine. He has to be very careful though.”

a Sometimes the bad advice is not only the most lucrative but also sounds like the best advice,” he added.

Sterling has had a decent season so far and has shown his versatility up front. Manager Brendan Rodgers deployed him in the striker’s role in late December and since then the side has looked better going forward as the youngster’s pace and work rate has brought back Liverpool’s pressing from the top from last season.

Consistency has been Sterling’s biggest problem and Barnes feels the speculation hasn’t helped him settle, “Hea s not been playing consistently well over a number of years though. Maybe his form has suffered because of all the speculation about his future.”