Southampton have turned down a A?20 million offer from Manchester United for France midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin, according to reports in the Telegraph.

It was reported earlier by L’Equipe that a 30m deal had been agreed between Manchester United and Southampton with BBC reporter Howard Nurse revealing on his twitter account in a reply to another tweet that Morgan Schneiderlin to Man United could be finalized on Wednesday.


However, conflicting reports emerged on the very day with a Sky Sports reporter claiming on her twitter account that the clubs have had no contact for over ten days when the last bid by Manchester United was rejected.

Fresh reports in the Telegraph confirms that there has been no deal struck between the two clubs with the latest bid by Manchester United for 20 million GBP having been rejected over a week ago.

The report said:

Southampton have turned down a A?20 million bid from Manchester United for France midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin.

United made the offer last week and have not so far returned with a bigger bid but their opening gambit fell considerably short of Southampton valuation of at least A?25 million.

The report goes onto add that, both, Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur are still interested in the French midfielder following previous enquiries, but are reluctant to join a bidding war with the Premier Leaguea s richest club which posted a record 159 million Euros profit recently.

Schneiderlin is now back in training with Southampton and has an understanding that he will be allowed to join a Champions League club should a suitable offer come in for him. Although A?20 million is double the A?10 million that was offered last year by Tottenham, Southampton are sure their valuation is very realistic for a player of Schneiderlina s quality as Manchester United play the waiting game to lower the price.