Manchester United centre-back Chris Smalling has insisted that the players are in fact fighting for their futures at the club, and hence accusations that they are not playing for their manager are ‘silly’


According to several reports in the British media, Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal was given the games against Stoke City and Chelsea FC to save his job. However, after a solid performance against the Blues, it appears as though the Dutchman will still be in charge in 2016.

There have also been reports claiming that there is discontent among the United squad with respect to Van Gaal’s rigid approach and tactics, and as a consequence, the players have stopped playing for their manager. However, Red Devils’ centre-back Chris Smalling has dismissed such accusations as ‘silly’.

Smalling rubbishes accusations of United players not playing for Van Gaal

Smalling has been one of the most improved players under Van Gaal, and can genuinely lay claim to being among the best centre-backs in the league this season. The England international has denied suggestions that his team-mates are not playing for the former Barcelona manager, claiming that they are in fact fighting for their futures at the club.

The 26-year-old is quoted by BBC Sport . as saying: “If anything, we are all playing for our own futures as well. To say we’re not playing for the manager is silly.

“[Van Gaal] has been himself from day one that we met him to how he is now.

“He is not going to change and that is why he has had a lot of success throughout the years. I can’t ever see him changing because he’s got a track record.”

Van Gaal has the opportunity to turn it around

Many expected Van Gaal to either resign or leave after the game against Chelsea FC, consdering he failed to win either of the reported ‘do-or-die’ games, losing 2-0 to Stoke City and being held to a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford by the Blues.

However, there has been no indication from the club that a change in the managerial hot-seat is imminent, while the Dutchman himself had fighting words in his post-match interview, insisting that he will not resign given he believes that the players are still fighting for him and putting in effort on the pitch.

As such, it appears as though the 64-year-old now has the opportunity to turn things around, and putting a run together — starting with the game against Swansea City at home — might just keep him in the job till the end of the season.