Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson insists Jose Mourinho remains the right man to draw Chelsea FC out of their current mess, and says club owner Roman Abramovich would be ‘foolish’ to sack the Portuguese.


The reigning Premier League champions have been in abysmal form this season, displaying one of the worst title defences in league history. The 1-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge at the hands of newly-promoted side Bournemouth was the latest disappointing result in a nightmare season for the Blues.

Abramovich should learn from the past

In the past decade, there have been ten men who have sat in the Chelsea FC hot seat, a figure indicative of Abramovich’s hurry to bring silverware to Stamford Bridge. But Sir Alex Ferguson believes the billionaire owner must learn from this, and give Jose more time to work at the club.

“Abramovich has sacked so many coaches in the last 10 years that I am sure he has learned from it,” the Scotsman is quoted as saying by The Mirror.

“He has to trust and have confidence that Jose can turn it around.

a There is no point in sacking one of the best coaches of all time, hea s won the European Cup twice, hea s won the league in each country hea s managed in, hea s won the big trophies.

“It would be foolish to take that step to sack him. That would be bad management. Ita s not leadership, that.”

. Sir Alex Ferguson - Former Manchester United Manager | Manchester United Need To Trust David Moyes

Mourinho close to finding a solution

A horrific start to the season raised questions against Jose Mourinho like never before, and for a man who has tasted success all his career, it was always going to be difficult to tackle the situation. But in all fairness, as Sir Alex has rightly pointed out, Chelsea FC have improved. Slowly but surely, Mourinho is close to finding a solution.

“Ia ve been watching Jose and Ia ve spoken to him a couple of times,” Ferguson said. “Ita s the first time hea s been confronted with non-success.

“If you look at his whole career ita s been nothing but a rise all the time, so for the first time in his life hea s had to deal with bad publicity, adversity, and thats a challenge but there are signs he is getting back to a balanced level even though they lost on Saturday.

a For Jose, all good leaders will eventually find a solution. He will find a solution and I think he will get back to normal. Ita s not looking great at the moment, but I know the guy and work he has done in football and I cana t see it lasting long.

“There are not many teams who can continue that, for instance Manchester City won the League and then lost it the next year, Chelsea won the league and are now having a bad spell.

“It is very difficult to maintain and continue success for five, six, seven years, very, very difficult.

a The key is to avid complacency.”

Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea FC

Where do Chelsea go from here?

Hardly anyone in the Chelsea team has looked a champion this season, with a string of poor performances denting their title hopes in the infancy of the campaign. The Blues had won two and drawn one in their last three games, and just as they seemed to be the coming into their own, Bournemouth emerged victorious at the Bridge, and the Chelsea fans are facing the same plight all over again.

Difficult times await the Blues, and particularly Jose Mourinho.