Sir Alex Ferguson believes that Arsenal FC haven’t sacked Arsene Wenger because there’s no one better than the Frenchman available to take the club forward.

The Scot, who was at the helm at Manchester United for 27 years, believes that hiring a new manager doesn’t guarantee success, but sticking with the one you have may bring consistency and eventual success.

Of all the current managers in the Premier League only Wenger has been at the same club for more than three years.

Who are they going to get who is better than Arsene Wenger? — Sir Alex Ferguson

Speaking in a recent interview with ESPN . , Sir Alex Ferguson highlighted that if he had failed to improve his team after the 1994 or the 1999 season, he would have faced the same issues that Arsene Wenger is facing. However, he did praise his former rival for sticking to his convictions.

“It’s just like me if I hadn’t progressed the club after the ’94 team or the ’99 team I would maybe having the same problems as Arsene, but he’s stayed with his conviction, he’s stayed with what he believes in.

“When all the pressure — I’m thinking about the pressure I said to a few of my friends — who are they going to get to replace Arsene Wenger, you know, who are they going to get who is better than Arsene Wenger? And that’s why they don’t do [sack him], that’s why they’ve stuck by him.”

There are a few managers in the world, who Arsene Wenger’s detractors believe could do a better job at Arsenal FC. But, there is no guarantee that any of them will succeed the Frenchman, and even if they do, it remains to be seen if they will be able to guide the club to success.

Wenger has won back-to-back FA Cups with Arsenal FC, bringing to end a 9-year long trophy drought. However, the Premier League title still eludes the 65-year-old as a 11-year long wait continues. Arsenal FC were billed as the title challengers before the start of the season, but after suffering a stuttering start to the season, the North London club look to be back in the mix for the title.