Sergio Ramos hit out against Florentino Perez as Real Madrid sailed to a comfortable 10-2 win over Rayo Vallecano. The Real Madrid captain seemed clearly displeased with the club president, and also took the opportunity to criticise the fans for whistling at the players at Santiago Bernabeu.


Despite struggling in the early stages of the game, Real Madrid managed to make an impressive comeback as Rayo Vallecano were reduced to 9 men late into the first half. However, Sergio Ramosa s latest comments seem to indicate that all is not quite right inside the Real Madrid camp.

Florentino is the king, we the players are just the pawns here

While Sergio Ramosa s alleged fall out with the club president was widely reported over the summer, the pair seemed to have had buried the hatchet as Ramos extended his contract with the club despite interest from Manchester United. His latest comments therefore indicate frustration within the Real Madrid camp, as he is the second player after Cristiano Ronaldo to publicly criticise Florentino Perez.

As reported by AS, when quizzed regarding Florentinoa s comments on Benitez being the a solutiona for Madrid, Sergio Ramos claimed that the players were a just the pawns herea as he took a shot at the Real Madrid chief.

a If thata s what the president says then he has his reasons. Wea re just the pawns here, hea s the king.a

Real Madrid players havena t forgiven Perez for sacking Carlo Ancelotti

The decision to sack Carlo Ancelotti seems to have spoilt Florentinoa s relationship with his star players. According to an earlier report by ESPN, Ronaldo claimed that he wasna t happy with the fact that a Real Madrid is a club that buys a player every yeara . While he reiterated the fact that he was missing Ancelotti, the Portuguese superstar indirectly blamed Perez for Real Madrida s inconsistency.

"Wea  re just the pawns here, hea  s the king.a

“Wea re just the pawns here, hea s the king.a

Sergio Ramos has also expressed his dissatisfaction with Perez who was also allegedly booed at the Santiago Bernabeu. It seems that the President is being held responsible for Real Madrida s 4-0 loss to Barcelona, as his decision to sack Ancelotti coupled with the manner in which Iker Casillas and Di Maria left the club hasna t gone down well with the Real Madrid faithful.