With Sergio Aguero being cleared to play against the Reds on Saturday, Manchester City boss would be relieved to receive some good news ahead of their crunch match against Liverpool FC.


The Argentine forward has been out of action for almost six weeks now, after sustaining a hamstring injury while on international duty.

However, Aguero is now hopeful that he would be fit enough to take part in the match against Liverpool FC.

a I do hope I can play in this game. Ia m doing everything in my power to get to the match in top condition,a said Aguero to The Guardian.

Aguero had just started to hit top form before his injury, as he pumped five past a hapless Newcastle United, in a 6-1 demolition of the Toons. While hoping to come back to fitness against Liverpool FC, the 27-year-old also looked back at the times he scored multiple times in a single match.

“Obviously the game against Newcastle [on 3 October]was special because ita s not every week you get to score five goals in one game,” he said.

a I was playing in the pre-youth divisions for Independiente and it was the first important tournament that Ia d participated in. We played against a local team and won 7-0 and I scored five times but it doesna t happen too often, does it?

a I managed to score four against Tottenham last season, which was the most Ia d scored as a professional up to that point.a

Addition of Klopp good for Premier League, says Aguero

Liverpool FC seem to have much more energy in their game, ever since Klopp took over at the club. In fact, the Merseyside club seems to have more conviction when they play the bigger teams (like against Chelsea FC). However, Aguero feels that although this means that Manchester City would need to be more cautious against Liverpool FC, the increased competition is a good thing for the Premier League.

“JA?rgen Klopp has come in and hea s a great addition to the Premier League,” said Aguero. a Ia ve stated before that ita s a good thing that the best players and managers come to England a it makes it one of the most competitive tournaments in the whole world.”

This is a must-win match for both the sides, as Manchester City are locked in a battle for supremacy with Arsenal FC, while Liverpool FC would be looking to climb from their current 10th position, to one of the European spots.