Liverpool owners have decided to do a considerable shake up of the backroom staff dismissing assistant manager Colin Pascoe and first team coach Mike Marsh.

Rafa Beniteza s former assistant Pako Ayesteran and former Manchester United coach and Fulham manager Rene Meulensteen are the two men who have been linked with the assistant job most vigorously over the last few days.


Former defender Sami Hyppia, who enjoys the “legend” status with the club and its fans, has gone on record to state that he would love to work with the club again.

It would be great to work for a club which I love,a said Hyypia. a I would definitely be interested if Liverpool think I could help them. I have great memories of my time at the club.

a My rise in management was rapid and I have been thinking a lot about things while I have been out. If there were no interesting opportunities as a manager, then I would be ready to be an assistant. That sort of role would give me a lot of experience. It wouldna t be a problem for me.

a I feel ready to go into football again. You look at yourself and I am enthusiastic about getting back into the game.a

The 41 year-old moved into management immediately after hanging up his playing boots. He started his managerial career at Bayer Leverkusen, where he enjoyed a successful first season, but was fired after the second one for finishing fourth in the Bundesliga. He then took over the job at Championship side Brighton. He spent only about six months there before a series of poor results resulted in him offering his resignation to the club. Despite not being in a good position in the table, the club ownership were unhappy to accept his resignation.

Hyppia would be a perfect fit in the Liverpool backroom staff. Firstly, because Liverpool’s defence has been absolutely abysmal in the last two seasons and if the Finn returns, it could mean more defensive discipline in the team. Secondly, Hyppia’s emotional connect with the club cannot be understated. At a time when the Reds fans are so aggrieved about last season’s woeful campaign, the Champions League winner returning would instill a sense of optimism among the fans.

Liverpool haven’t yet approached Hyppia regarding the job but this is a move that makes perfect sense and it would be a bit shocking if they don’t even consider it.