Sacking Jose Mourinho Would Cost Chelsea FC 40 Million Pounds

As Chelsea FC hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday to determine how to deal with the club’s current situation, according to The Daily Mail, the possibility of saying goodbye to Jose Mourinho will definitely be brought up.


The biggest question flying around a Stamford Bridge this season is whether Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho deserves to be sacked. Most of the fans have, on numerous occasions, voiced their support for the manager by chanting his name during matches, and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has also backed the manager that has brought his club so much success in the past.

But on the other hand, given the alarming string of results that most recently saw the Blues lose to Leicester City in their 9th defeat of the season, as well as Jose Mourinho’s post match comments deriding his squad of players, getting rid of the manager could well be a decision that the board at Chelsea is looking at very seriously.


Emergency Situation

Whatever the outcome of the emergency meeting, the fact remains that sacking Jose Mourinho would prove to be a very costly decision, not only in terms of the fact that Mourinho is one of the most successful managers in Europe and this could just prove to be a one off season, but also because it would reportedly cost the Blues 40 million pounds.

Mourinho, while Chelsea were riding the high of a title winning campaign, signed a new 4-year contract at the end of last season which entitled him to a salary of 250,000 pounds a week. This means that in order to fire the Portugese, Chelsea would have to pay over 40 million pounds and that could be a big factor in their decision regarding Jose Mourinho.