Arsenal FC must target winning the Premier League title next season, according to midfielder Tomas Rosicky.

Despite winning back-to-back FA Cup last month, Arsenal FC finished third in the league – a disappointing 12 points behind champions Chelsea FC.

Arsenal recorded their worst start to a league season in 34 years, but recovered during the second half of the season thanks to an eight successive victories.

Tomas Rosicky thinks that the club can mount a serious title challenge should they be able to live upto the talent in the squad on a consistent basis.

“I thought we would challenge last season but obviously the first half of the season was not good,” the 34-year-old said.

“We did not play well at all and it wasna t the Arsenal style of football we were playing. You could see from January we started to play our way and it was Arsenal. Now we have to show we can produce these kind of performances for the whole season and not just for half.

“Every player realises we have to carry on that momentum,” he added.

“We dona t want to just be third and win the FA Cup. Obviously, ita s a solid season when you win the FA Cup. You could see the progress in the team after December.

“Consistency is key for any title challenge and that is what we have to show through the whole of next season. The potential is there for this side to challenge for the title.a

Rosicky will now be in his 11th season with Arsenal FC. And while he has been a part of some of the most talented squad, the Czech reckons this one is right up there with the best ones during his tenure.

“Ita s definitely the strongest squad,” the midfielder said. “Numbers-wise ita s the most talented squad I have played with.

“Is it the best team I have played in? Ita s difficult to say. The 2007/08 side was a great team as well and we were top of the Premier League until February. Three or four injuries was the reason we werena t champions that year.

“But the current squad in terms of its depth is the most talented since Ia ve been here.a

If they are able to keep their key players fit, quite an ask given the injury record in recent seasons at Arsenal FC, there is little doubt the talent in the squad is there to challenge Chelsea FC’s hold on the title.