While the fans at any club are unique in their own way, you’re unlikely to find fans quite like the ones found inside the Santiago Bernabeu. Last weekend when Madrid beat Espanyol 3-0 and Gareth Bale scored from a sensational freekick, the fans still weren’t exactly thrilled.

They wanted more, and when Welshman decided to take on the keeper from a one on one opportunity and not pass to an unmarked Ronaldo (who by the way has scored a miserly 33 goals this season so far), he crossed the line. Unsurprisingly, Ronaldo wasn’t happy about the ball not being passed to him either, compounding Bale’s problems.

Now, however, the Portuguese seems to have forgiven and forgotten (it may have something to do with that little award he won yesterday), and has jumped to his team-mate’s defense.

“The Madrid fans are always the same. They are very intense, they show what they feel,” he said.

“They know that Gaz is a very important player for us. What happened on Saturday is the past.

“Some days I make mistakes too. Ita s part of business and part of football, so I think people will be nice to him.

“He is a good player and a very important player for Real Madrid and we are going to need him again this year.”

Of course, Bale is seemingly Manchester United bound, and substandard quality hasn’t been a problem there for the last two years, let alone someone who scores from freekicks when he means to.

Meanwhile, club president Florentino Perez has reiterated Madrid’s delight at having Bale.

“Bale has said he is delighted to be at Real Madrid and Real Madrid are delighted to have him.”

Yet, they were equally delighted to have Mesut Ozil and Angel Di Maria – just some food for thought.

Next, Los Blancos take on Atletico Madrid on Thursday night as they look to overturn a two goal deficit in the Copa del Rey. Bale better put on his passing boots on, because, really what’s a win without Ronaldo scoring a goal or two.