Roman Abramovich Fully Backs Jose Mourinho, Says Chelsea FC Technical Director

Things might still be looking rather bleak at the club, but the general notion seems to be that Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has given the management his complete support.


Chelsea FC technical director, Michael Emenalo, addressed the media to reassure everyone that the people running the club have faith in the current management to turn things around, and take the defending champions back to the top of the Premier League.

Emenalo also said that Abramovich had not put any form of undue pressure on manager Jose Mourinho, whose side has now lost seven out of their 12 Premier League matches.

“When it comes to decisions, we feel confident we have an owner who has a very good track record, who is astute at making decisions of this kind at the right time to get us to where we want to be,” said Emenalo to the Daily Telegraph.

“We have never put ourselves in a position where we second guess him. Part of the reasons he can make those decisions and be successful is because he has the information a lot of people don’t,” he continued.

Abramovich trusts Mourinho to turn things around

In spite of holding the dubious record of being the defending champions with the worst ever start to a season, manager Jose Mourinho still finds himself with the support of the Chelsea FC board of authorities. That is saying something, considering that the same board has been quite trigger-happy regarding managers over the past.

However, Emenalo said that Mourinho has the full support of the board and Abramovich, as he tries to turn Chelsea FC’s season around.

“Right now, the statement from the owner and from the board comes from a belief we are in a position to trust a manager who has delivered so much,” said Emenalo.

Chelsea FC next face Norwich City, as they try to haul themselves out of the bottom half of the table. As described by many experts, this is a must-win match for the West London side.