Liverpool’s transfer strategy since FSG took over has been of finding young, raw talent and developing them into world-class players. After Luis Suarez left, the Reds did not go and get one world-class player to fill the void, as irreplaceable as he was. Instead, they opted to bring in several young players who have the potential of becoming world-class footballers in the coming years. This transfer approach has got a lot of criticism because despite finishing second in the league, they didn’t get a huge talent to help them this season, and the results of it are showing.

Rodgers has taken a lot of blame as well, because it is unknown who sits on Liverpool’s transfer committee and how it works. It is also unknown which of Liverpool’s summer additions were Rodgers’ pick, and which were not.

With Steven Gerrard announcing that he would be leaving the club at the end of this season, Rodgers has admitted that the Reds must now look to make marquee signings in the summer if they want to compete with the best clubs in the league.

a I pride myself on working with senior players, whether theya re young players or senior players,a says the Reds boss.

a The model here at the football club is clear in terms of the owners want to bring in young players in order to develop and create them into world class players, which of course can be a longer and more difficult process.

a A large part of our squad is young players but therea s no doubt at times that if you want to take those steps forward, you need those ready-made players.

a Ita s certainly something I know the owners look at. They know that not every player can be a developer.

a If youa re going to keep progressing, ita s something you to have to do.

a It is of course a difficult ask, youa ve got one of the leading players in world football over the last 10 to 15 years, but it happens to all the great players.

a As a football club you have got to look to find the next ones.a

Rodgers has made similar comments in the past which goes on to show his own frustration as well. We will have to see whether the owners pay his comments heed or not, but there is no doubt that the Reds need ready made, world-class talents to come into the side if they are to make sustained top 4 challenges and compete in various competitions.