Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has demanded that his men continue to give it their all when they visit Swansea on Monday evening.

Liverpool are Premier League’s in form team at the moment having enjoyed a tremendous rise in the past three months which has seen them cut down a 10 point gap against Manchester United to just two.

Speaking at a press conference before the match at Swansea, Rodgers said, “We just need to ensure we continue to be aggressive in our game and give everything that we have between now and the end of the season.”

“The points total is all very close and very tight, but we just have to focus on the next game. We know we need to continue playing and working as hard as we have done.”

“A number of the teams have been up there for a lot of the season. We’ve re-joined the race for that in the last three months. I think it’s going to be very tight, of course. We’re really looking forward to these remaining games now. Everything counts in the games.”

Having spent two years at the Liberty Stadium, Rodgers has fond memories of his time there. “Swansea’s a place that I have a great affinity for,” he said.

“I spent two years there and the football club welcomed me straight away. The board were amazing for me. They gave me great freedom to work. And then outside of that, the people of the city and beyond were so welcoming for me. I had a wonderful time there. I have a great affinity and I like to see the club do well.”

“I know as well as anyone that it’s a very tough place to go. They’ve got great support. The pitch is normally wonderful. But they have had one or two results that they wouldn’t have been pleased with. Either way we know it will be a very difficult game. But we’re in a great moment.”

He also remains confident that Raheem Sterling will sign a new deal with the club after talks were postponed till the end of the season.

a There is nothing new to report on it. I am quite relaxed about Raheema s situation.”

a He is not going anywhere in a hurry a he has still got this season and another couple of years to go on his contract.”

a I think it is quite obvious when you look at Raheema s situation anyone with Raheema s best interests would see Liverpool as the best option for his career.”

a He turned 20 in December and he has made 114 appearances, which is a remarkable amount at a club of this size to be given that opportunity.”

a He has made it clear himself that he loves being here and I think he was quoted as saying this is the best place for any young player to develop, so that makes me quite relaxed.”

a Wea ve got a really strong relationship, but as I said it is about more than that unfortunately. It isna t like 20 or 30 years ago when people came in and sometimes didna t even look at the contract before signing it. It is a different sport now and ita s just about managing that.”

a I just get Raheem to concentrate on his football. I am quite relaxed on it, he is not going anywhere, he has two and half years left on his contract. I just hope for the kida s sake it gets resolved.”

a His football plan here has blossomed and ita s there for him to develop from this chapter to the next. Hopefully we can get it resolved.a

a Ia m relaxed. Ia m sure it will get sorted.a

Along with Sterling, Liverpool have been also trying to tie down vice-captain Jordan Henderson to a new deal with the English international’s contract running out next summer.

The manager though is confident that the duo will continue to maintain their high standards which have been crucial in Liverpool’s surge up the table in recent months.

a These are two players who want to ensure they are here for the future,a he said.

a The model of this club is to develop the talent and create world-class players and then, of course, it is important we keep those a especially when they are here already a and that is something we are working hard to do.”

a The players are working well, they are concentrated, and that side of it they have to leave to their representatives and the club so wea ll just focus on the football.”

a It is never easy but there are players, with all due respect, in League Two and League One who are working on six-month or one-year contracts.

a It is a lot more insecure at that level than it is at this level so I am sure they will cope fine knowing they have two or two-and-a-half years left on their deals.a