Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed that 20-year-old wonderkid Raheem Sterling has been offered an incredible deal to extend his contract at Anfield.

Speaking ahead of a crucial game against Tottenham at Anfield on Tuesday, Rodgers was queried about captain Steven Gerrard’s comments over the contract situations of English internationals Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson, and the manager was hopeful that the duo would put pen on paper soon enough.

Rodgers said: a They are players that are very, very important for the future. Raheem has been offered a wonderful deal for a young player. Hea s still developing but hea s made a wonderful start this past couple of years. He is getting his rewards for that.

a In terms of Raheem Ia m just saying what I think the club are offering. Ita s an incredible deal for a young player. Hea s very, very happy here and you see that in his play. What he has had here is an opportunity to play. But wea re certainly not a club that is going to give way, way above what a player is worth at a certain time in their career.”

“Ita s very important young players have something to strive for. If they get too much too young it can sabotage their development for me. Ita s about mapping out the career of a young player.”

a In Raheema s case hea s been outstanding, but we must not forget he was a 17-year-old when he was given the opportunity to at Liverpool Football Club. In the two and a half years since he has came in has been fantastic, but he still has a long way to go, therea s a lot to do with his development. We believe here will be the best place for him and I think he does too.a

Rodgers was also hopeful about vice-captain Hendersona s future at the club.

a Jordan is a fantastic player and has shown his worth in the time he has been here,a he said. a Hopefully that deal will get organised soon which allows him to kick on with the next part of his development because he still has a lot of improvements to make as well.a

Speaking about the injury status of key players such as Lucas and Coutinho, he said, “Lucas is one that will probably miss a little bit of time. We’re just waiting on the exact results of the scan. All the others should be fine.”

Speaking about Daniel Sturridge’s chances of starting for the first time in five months, Rodgers refused to show his cards.

“You’ll see tomorrow night,” he said. “He’s in a condition where he has been training for a little bit of time. There’ll be a time where he will be able to start, whether it’s tomorrow or whether it’s at the weekend, you’ll have to wait and see.”