Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers is under pressure at Anfield following a stuttering start to the new season which has seen them win only three of their ten games. Everton manager Roberto Martinez has piled on further pressure on his cross-town rival’s manager by stating that they start the game as favourites having made a “huge investment” on their squad.

Liverpool FC have spent around 300m GBP since Brendan Rodgers has taken over. Although the net spending during the time has not even touched 100m GBP, creating an unsettled squad at Anfield.

The Reds’ manager has come under increased pressure this season following a rather poor 2014-15 and a bad start to the 2015-16 season.

With the Merseyside derby up next for the Reds, Everton manager Roberto Martinez has come out in the media tipping the Anfield side as the favourites.

The money spent makes Liverpool the favorites — Martinez

Pointing out the money Liverpool have spent on their squad, and ignoring the net spend, of course, manager Roberto Martinez was quick to put Liverpool under pressure to win the game.

Martinez was quoted as saying by the Guardian: “Clearly we are showing a bit of form and that could make us favourites but when you look at the money Liverpool have spent over the years they need to be favourites and carrying the expectation.

a The game is about how well we start the game and how consistent we can be over 90 minutes. We respect the opponent, they are a team with a lot of expectation and huge investment behind it.a

Rodgers shoots back, says happy to be the favorite

Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers was quick to respond to Martinez’s claims of the Reds being the favourite, stating that it was a sign of the respect the club commands.

He said: “We always take the favourite tag. At Liverpool that is what you want. For us we are happy to take the favourite tag if people want to put that on us because we are Liverpool.


a There is no advantage or disadvantage if you are favourites. It just shows youa re a big club and thata s what we want to have here. There is no more or less pressure. Ita s pressure we put on ourselves from within. That shows the club we are at and the level of expectancy here as opposed to another club. We are happy to live with that. We are at a club expected to do well.a

The war of words has already begun, with the game scheduled to kick off on Sunday 1:30 PM GMT.

Here is a list of players bought by Liverpool FC during Rodgers’ tenure

LFC Transfer 15-16

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