Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has agreed to put aside differences and play in a UNICEF charity game. The Manchester United defender and John Terry, Ashley Cole had become sworn enemies during the criminal trial that ran after Terry was accused of racially abusing Ferdinand’s brother Anton.

Terry was caught on camera shouting a f***ing black c***a at Rio’s younger brother, Anton, when Chelsea FC played Anton’s QPR in October 2011

Terry was acquitted of the racial abuse charge following an appearance at Westminster magistratesa court in July 2012, with team mate Ashley Cole deemed to have given crucial evidence in favor of Terry.

However, the Football Association charge was proven later and Terry received a 4-game ban as well as being fined A?220,000.

The case led to the end of Terrya s international career, with England manager Fabio Capello also resigning after differences grew between the FA and the manager for not allowing Terry to continue as the captain of the national side with the case ongoing.

The case also saw the souring of relationship between two very good friends in Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole. The issue escalated on twitter when Ferdinand endorsed the description of Cole from another user as a a choc icea , a slang that means someone who was black on the outside but white on the inside.


However, the trio will now be a part of the UNICEF game with Sir Alex Ferguson managing a Great Britain side also, consisting of captain David Beckham and the likes of Jamie Carragher, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, David Seaman, Michael Owen and Andy Cole.

They will play a world XI led by French great Zinedine Zidane and managed by Carlo Ancelotti and will include the likes of Ronaldinho, Luis Figo, Patrick Vieira, Cafu and Patrick Kluivert.