Real Madrid have been named world’s most valuable sports team by Forbes for third consecutive year with rivals FC Barcelona and Manchester United the only other teams in top 10 with NFL, NBA, and MLB making up the other 7 teams.

Forbes released today its annual list of The Worlda s Most Valuable Sports Teams and for the third consecutive year, Real Madrid retains the top spot as the most valuable sports franchise, worth$3.26 billion.

The Spanish giants who had won their tenth UEFA Champions League in 13-14 season which had helped them retain the top spot, are joined by rivals FC Barcelona in fourth, who just won a treble, and Manchester United in fifth as only football clubs in the top 10 with the other seven teams from the NFL, NBA and MLB.

Real Madrid are owned by the club’s members and top the list ahead of NFL outfit Dallas Coyboys, who have jumped from fifth last year to second this.

The New York Yankees are worth approximately the same as the Cowboys, around $3.2billion. Then come Manchester United and FC Barcelona, LA Lakers, New England Patriots, New York Knicks, LA Dodgers and Washington Redskins completing the top 10.


Premier League giants Manchester City are the next most valuable Premier League team after their neighbours, ranked 29 on the list while Chelsea FC come in at 31 and Arsenal FC at 36. Bayern Munich are the only other football team in the top 50, ranked 11th.

The NFL, with 20 spots has the most representatives in the top 50 which also has twelve MLB outfits, seven football teams, 10 NBA sides, one NHL franchise and Ferrari from Formula 1.

Team current value ($bil)
1 Real Madrid 3.26 1
2 Dallas Cowboys 3.20
2 New York Yankees 3.20
4 FC Barcelona 3.16
5 Manchester United 3.10
6 LA Lakers 2.60
6 New England Patriots 2.60
8 New York Knicks 2.50
9 LA Dodgers 2.40
9 Washington Redskins 2.40