Real Madrid have issued a statement today, saying that they comply fully with football governing body Fifaa s rules on transfers involving under-age players.

World football geverning body Fifa has revealed it yesterday that it is ivestigating Real Madrid regarding the transfers of under-aged players.

The official statement of FIFA says that: “FIFA is currently gathering information and documents to be able to correctly evaluate this matter. For the moment no formal disciplinary proceedings have been opened. We are unable to provide any further information at this time.a

Fifa has launched an investigation over an alleged breach of rules by Real Madrid concerning the transfers of 51 international players. But soon after the start of the investigation, Real Madrid have issued an official statement, saying that the club has not breached in rule made by the Fifa.

“Real Madrid defends the protection and the correct and healthy development of minors via its strict adherence, without exceptions, to the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, and is in complete agreement with such investigations being carried out to this end,” the statement read.

a Real Madrid have responded diligently, supplying all the information required by the Committee within the established deadlines and in complete documentary detail. Both Real Madrid and the RFEF, through which the informative investigation is being processed, have been left totally satisfied with the information supplied and have verified the strict adherence to the registration regulations in absolutely every case.a

a Additionally, and for the purpose of clarification, Real Madrid communicates that it has passed on to FIFA all the Collaboration Agreements signed with amateur clubs, whose only aim is to avoid the abuse of its position of superiority over these clubs via the search for balanced agreements with absolute respect for the rights of the players, and fair and equitable compensation for the club that has trained the player, working as a mechanism of solidarity in recognition of this work. As FIFA are already aware, these agreements, 40 in total, have in no case been used to contravene any regulations.a

Of late, Fifa has started taking a tough stand against the clubs who violate its rules concerning the transfers of under-age players. Last year, Fifa took action against another Spanish giant, FC Barcelona, for violating its rules.

As a part of Fifaa s disciplinary action, FC Barcelona are now banned from buying any new player until January 2016. But Real Madrid are confident of coming clean out of Fifa investigations as the club has claimed that it complies fully with the rules of the football gevrning body.