Real Madrid, who are going through a tough phase in the league as they have lost their lead, now gear up to face Schalke at the Bernabeu on Tuesday. The second leg of the round-of-16 will see Real Madrid trying to defend the 2-0 lead they earned in the first leg.

In the press conference ahead of the game, Ancelotti spoke about Real Madrida s playing style and the importance of the tournament. Ancelotti remains adamant that he will not change the cluba s style which has seen them score many goals in the first half of the season.

Ancelotti said: a We are not going to change our identity; we have scored a lot of goals playing that way. German sides have a lot of quality. We want to do as well as possible in this competition, it is the biggest tournament in the world. We will try and do as well as possible against any team we play. Last year we did well against the Germans and we will hope to repeat that tomorrow”.

The Italian also spoke about the forward trio a Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo a as he confirmed that he has full confidence in the a BBCa and also said that the three will definitely play on Tuesday. The manager also spoke about the reason behind the trioa s recent dry spell.

He said: a Yes, they are doing well, they will definitely be playing. They have given us a lot and I have total confidence in them without doubt. They have had a low point, but that is what happens, not just with the three of them. They have scored less lately because the team is not helping the forwards. They will play the same way because that is where the players are most comfortable, they have given us good results and we have scored a lot of goals.a

The coach also spoke about Germany international Toni Kroos, who has featured in almost all the games for a The Whitesa . However, Ancelotti believes that Kroos is not tired and there it is a technical problem behind his recent form.

He said: a It is not true that he has played so many minutes. In the last few months we have not played so many games. He is not tired. We do not have a fitness issue, it is a technical problem. Kroos does not need to rest.a

The manager also spoke about Gareth Balea s dip in form and supported the Welshman insisting that he is not the only one to be blamed for Reala s poor show in recent matches.

He said: a If that was true then I would need to change the entire team. Karim, Cristiano, the midfielders…the whole team needs to improve. I don’t think that Bale is happy with what he is doing. He understands that well and is going to try to improve”.