Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has said that unlike other players, he is not an actor and believes his attitude has made him popular with supporters and the general public.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema believes that some players make desperate efforts to portray a certain image for the television cameras but he never likes to do it for the sake of popularity.

Some of the contemporaries of Karim Benzema, including Cristiano Ronaldo, are being accused of caring too much about their image to make more money trough the game. But the Frenchman believes that creating an artificial persona does not interest him as he just wants to be himself.

“I’m not an actor,” Karim Benzema told Surface Magazine. “I’m not in the game to look good for the cameras. There are others who do that in life but I like to laugh and I get along with everyone.

“When people see me on the street – whether they are old, young, women or children – everyone shows me affection.”

Real Madrid miserably lost to Atletico Madrid by 0-4 on last weekend and section of a media and Madridistas has launched a scathing attack on the players of the club. But the French striker said he will not take this criticism seriously.

“I will take criticism seriously from those who have played the game at the highest level,” Karim Benzema said. “But if it comes from someone who has never played the game then I don’t take it seriously.

“All that matters in my position is scoring goals. Up front, if you are lazy then people notice – you have to score goals.”

Meanwhile, Sami Khedira, whose contract at Real Madrid expires on 30t June, has said that he still hasna t made a decision about his future in the Spanish capital.

Reports coming from Spain and Germany had claimed it earlier that Sami Khedira has a secret deal in place with a BuLi club. But the midfielder has rejected these reports.

It’s not the case that I have a pre-contract agreement with a Bundesliga club. My future is still undecided and I am keeping my options open,” Sami Khedira told Bild.