Real Madrid players thanked recently sacked manager Carlo Ancelotti for his and expressed their love for the Italian.

Real Madrid sacked Carlo Ancelotti on Monday after a season that ended trophy-less for Los Blancos. Though the end result of Ancelottia s tenure at Real Madrid was not a positive one, the Italian had definitely managed to win his squada s heart.

Luka Modric, who went on to become a key player in the starting 11 under Ancelotti, expressed his gratitude towards the Italian and refused to blame him for the teama s failures.

“All I can say is that he is a great coach and person,” the Croatian midfielder htold reporters. “Ia ve played my best football under him.

“He trusted me from day one. Sometimes, although you dona t win trophies, it does not mean youa re no good.

“Our season has been very bad if you look at the results, but this is the thing: either you win or you fail, there is no middle ground.

“Maybe it is unfair for the coach or players, but it may be the key to success at Madrid. If we had not had such bad luck with injuries, it could have been different.

“It is frustrating for me not having won La Liga yet. It is the only trophy that I have not won with Madrid, but we will do our best to win it next season.a

Star players like Sergio Ramos, Benzema and others took to twitter to thank the former Chelsea manager for his work at the club. Following are some of the tweets posted by Real Madrid players thanking Ancelotti for his services.

Ancelotti himself did not shy away from expressing his gratitude towards the club, players and supporters.