Athletic Bilbao blew the race for La Liga wide open after a stunning 1-0 win over Real Madrid. Adrian Aduriz was hero for the Basque side as he scored a brilliant goal through header in the 26th minute. FC Barcelona now have a golden chance to take the lead in the points table tonight and Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti accepted it later that his players players played sluggishly in the whole game.

Athletic Bilbao troubled Real Madrid in whole 90 minutes with brilliant display of their counter attacking game while Los Blancosa strikers failed to create any meaningful chances in the game. The understanding between the BBC, Bale, Benzema and Cristinao Ronaldo, was also nowhere to be seen in this game.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti accepted it after the match that his strikers are lacking the effectiveness in front of the goal.

“We’re lacking a bit of effectiveness up front. There’s no linking up. We played too individually when we needed other kinds of solutions. What we’re doing when we attack at the moment is rather disorganised. It’s strange to say that Real Madrid have problems up front when we’ve scored so many goals, but I think it’s the truth”, said Ancelotti.

Ancelotti also said that he takes the full responsibility of this shocking defeat. “We played sluggishly, taking too many touches. There was no quick passing and the strikers had no space to find a way through.

“I have to take full responsibility because this is my team and they’re playing poorly”, assured Ancelotti. “The league is going to get tough, but I’m not giving up because this isn’t over and we’re going to fight for it.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Aduriz, who was the hero for Athletic Bilbao, said that he is extremely pleased with both, the victory and his own performance.

a Ita s been a beautiful week, everything went well. We won at Eibar, we won in the Copa and beat [Real] Madrid,a Aduriz said after the game.

a Beating Real Madrid without suffering is impossible. Wea re very proud of the work we did.

a My teammates make my life easier and let me concentrate on doing what I enjoy doing most. Ia m always happy to train every day, with the same enthusiasm.

a I feel comfortable with everyone. Ita s impossible to find such a group.a