According to Spanish daily, Cadena Ser, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will have to face similar transfer bans as Barcelona.

After banning Barcelonaa s transfer activities for two windows, FIFA is reportedly planning to do the same to their league counterparts, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Both the clubs will face the ban for the same reason as Barcelona, irregularities in the signing of under-age players. Cadena Ser reports that both the clubs will not be allowed to purchase any players in following two transfer windows.

According to the report, it is said that FIFA has already told the Spanish Federation about this ban, and Atletico de Madrid will receive official confirmation soon enough. However, it seems that Real Madrid are not aware of the potential ban.

In the past, Real Madrid were in the news of a potent ban and back then, the club had released an official statement saying that they are not expecting a ban and are relaxed on the matter. In fact, another Spanish daily, Marca reports that the Spanish FA have no knowledge of Real Madrid being punished for irregularities in the signing of minors but Atletico Madrid have been served a notice.

It seems unlikely that Real Madrid will be served a ban. But Atletico Madrid might have to face one in the upcoming and next transfer windows. However, even if a ban is enforced on any or both the teams, they can appeal the ban and seek to postpone it, making them free to sign players in the coming summer window.