Rayo Vallecano manager Paco Jemez has slammed the referee and called the result ‘grotesque’ and ‘abnormal’ after his team’s 10-2 loss to La Liga giants Real Madrid.

Rayo seemed to be set for a great game after going 2-1 up against Real Madrid, but then disaster struck after their right back Tito received a straight red card followed by Raul Baena being sent off after getting two yellow cards. This opened the floodgates for Real and their attacking players assaulted the Rayo goal leaving them helpless and forlorn.

Their manager Paco Jemez was enraged by the result and revealed that his players, some of whom shed tears after the match, did not deserve this result and it was an ugly moment for football.

“It’s a long time since I’ve seen anything so grotesque and so embarrassing,” he said at the post-match news conference. [via: goal.com]

“It doesn’t benefit Madrid, us or Spanish football. When something like this happens, nobody wins. We feel humiliated but we feel good, despite what happened. My players made a great effort despite everything.

“Maybe some Madrid fans enjoyed themselves. The majority of people won’t like this. It shouldn’t happen anywhere a it felt like a bad dream. My players are professionals who have dedicated years of their lives to this a for strange circumstances and something abnormal.”

Paco was unimpressed by referee Ignacio Villanueva and his decisions, which cost Rayo dearly.

“I will not talk about him [Villanueva],” he said. “What did he do wrong? Everything.”

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After right-back Danilo scored the opener, it was time for Real Madrid fans to feast on the exploits of the attacking trio of Bale, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, as they lived up to their billing as one of the best forward lines in the world. Ronaldo added to his La Liga tally with two goals, Gareth Bale scored 4 goals in a match for the first time in his career and Benzema claimed a hat-trick after scoring the last two goals of the game.

It was also a good day for Colombian play maker James Rodriguez, who registered 3 assists, a record that was previously created 3 years ago by Mesut Ozil, back when he was playing for Real Madrid.