PSG and France midfielder Blaise Matuidi has spoken about what an overwhelming feeling it was at the Wembley Stadium during the France-England match and praised the English fans.

28 year old midfielder Blaise Matuidi was part of the French team that lined up to play against England at the Wembley stadium days after the devastating attacks in Paris where more than 130 people were killed and the match between France and Germany at the Stade De France was also targeted.

“It was a very emotional moment, a moment that we no longer want to live again,” Matuidi told L’Equipe, according to

“We lived through three horrendous days. Never again. But it was good to play this game, the English have done us a great honor, they were fabulous. On Tuesday evening, we showed what it was like real life, being united despite differences in nationality, religion.

Moving Ahead

Matuidi also spoke about the strength needed to move forward from the attacks.
“But it was very hard, we remain human beings. Now we must move forward even if it is easy to say that after what happened. Singing La Marseillaise was the strongest moment, it was a very difficult moment because we have thought of all the victims, their families, all those horrors.”, he said.

“Frankly, I have no words.”

Beyond Football


The match at Wembley stadium saw more than 80,000 people sing the French National Anthem ‘La Marseillaise’ as a tribute to the victims of the attacks and a show of solidarity with the people of France.

England won the match by two goals, scored by Wayne Rooney and Dele Ali, but it was an occasion where the external matters overshadowed the game itself. The French and English teams put up a great display of sportsmanship to show that the spirit of football will not be cowed down.