Former Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has said that Chelsea FC are definitely out of the title race and Leicester City FC do not have the fire power to maintain their position at the top.

The prolific French striker has now embarked on a career of journalism and punditry, and he has recently stated his belief that the Premier League is now a five-horse race, with Chelsea and Leicester not in contention.

“For me, the teams in contention are Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and maybe Liverpool,” Henry wrote in his column for The Sun . .

Chelsea do not belong in this conversation

Henry said that the Blues do not deserve to even be in the top four, given their recent run of performances.

“Chelsea should not even be in the conversation. If they get back into the top four it will prove nothing more than how poorly the top teams are doing.”

He might have a point there as Chelsea currently lie in 14th position, with only 15 points to show in 14 league games.


Gunning for the Title

Henry also stressed the need for his former club Arsenal FC to not slip up and miss out on points.

“If they are going to win their first Premier League since 2004 [Arsenal] cana t let any more opportunities slip through their fingers,” he said.

He spoke about the negative impact that their recent draw against Spurs and loss to West Brom has had on their title challenge.

“If they had beaten Spurs and West Brom like they should have done, they would be three points clear at the top. Instead they are fourth and have squandered five points which could prove decisive in the end. They have also allowed Tottenham back into the dogfight and given belief to Liverpool they might still have a chance.”

Arsenal most recently squandered a lead and drew against Norwich City, which will not have pleased Henry much.