First Arturo Vidal and now Paul Pogba, transfer speculation surrounding Juventusa key midfielders refuses to die down. The Frenchmana s agent Mino Raiola has revealed that he isna t quite sure about his clienta s future.

He acknowledged Pogbaa s recent contract with current club Juventus, but used the fact to suggest that it will only increase the transfer fee. Starting to wonder whether Mr. Raiola makes a little on the side when his clienta s are transferred or get a new contract.

Interestingly, the club that Pogba is being linked with the most at the moment is his old club Manchester United! Raiola, however, widened the spectrum and included some other giants.

“I have been in football long enough to say that I cannot foresee the future,” Raiola told Sky Sports. “Today Paul Pogba is the most expensive player if he were on the market – thata s the risk, thata s normal; there are only a few clubs that can afford him.

“Leta s say that I am aware of the interest that there is around Paul, obviously, and without naming them, everybody that knows a little bit about football knows that there are only eight clubs that can afford him. Thata s the eight clubs that will get into the scramble or the battle to have him.”

a A world record fee, anything can happen in the future and there are other clubs outside United and Real in the race.a Didna t see that coming!

To reassure Bianconeri fans, however, Raiola said that Pogba wona t be moving this window at least. So, when he said future, he meant only long term future. Kind of disappointing, dona t you think?

“Paul renewed his contract in Italy. There is a five-year deal with Juventus and what June and July brings, we will see in June and July.

“He will stay here this window in Italy and after that ita s also up to Juventus and up to himself to see what are the possibilities and what are the things to do.”

Addressing Pogbaa s former club, exclusively, the agent said that contrary to what some in the media (journalists and fans who have also been in football for a while, much like Mr. Raiola himself) believe, the Frenchman could very well move back to Manchester.

“Paul has always said he is not angry with Manchester United – you need to move on,” the Frenchman’s representative added. “So there is no personal grudge against Manchester United. On the contrary, he holds Manchester United very dear and has very nice memories.”

His comments come around the time a Deloite report revealed that recent deals have made United the second richest club in the world. Coincidence?