Tottenham Hotspura s Mauricio Pochettino said that Danny Rose was the best left back England has at the moment.

Speaking in the press conference before the Spurs face Manchester United, Pochettino said, a So far he [Rose] has been the best left-back this season. His performances have been great. But they are not my decisions, it’s always Roy Hodgson’s decisiona .

a Ita s our job to compare our players with other players in the same position and we believe that Danny Rose has so far been the best English left-back.

a Thata s overall what we believe. We know all the stats from players in the same position. Ita s our stats, together with what we see as well.

a I think that Luke Shaw was the best English left-back last season because he was at the World Cup. He was maybe in the top three in the Premier League.a

Pochettino however was not inclined to discuss Luke Shawa s situation at Old Trafford.

a It is not for me to analyse Luke Shaw,a saidPochettino.

a I can only explain my experience with him. But every player changes every year and now it is not me who is the manager to explain about him or what his reality is now.

a Our experience with Luke Shaw was fantastic last season, but now hea s in another context and at another club. You have to realise that players change every year, just like we change because every year is different, as thing happen in our lives. Managers and players at different clubs, ita s difficult to compare.

a All players need to feel confidence from the staff, the players, the supporters. All need to be consistent in training and games to give their best. Ita s not just him, ita s all players.a

Pochettino will hope that players like Danny Rose and Harry Kane step up to the challenge against Manchester United if they are to have any hope of finishing in the top 4. With Southampton playing Chelsea, Liverpool playing against Swansea City and Arsenal facing West Ham, the chances are that the teams around them would drop points. Pochettino would want his team to make full use of the occasion to move up in the table.

Manchester United are in a vulnerable position, having just been knocked out of the FA Cup by Arsenal, and there would not be a better time to face the club, if Spurs are to make inroads into the top 4 challenge.