Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville recently blasted Arsene Wenger for the way he has spent his money in the transfer market. A quick look at the numbers and one can see the other problem. Arsenal have spent only 98m GBP net, which is just 5.5% of the total net spend of Manchester City, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester United and the Gunners combined.

Gary Neville had questioned Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy on Sky Sport’s popular Monday Night Football show, stating that the manager was arrogant or naive to spend money on technically sound players who cannot compete physically with the other top players in the league.

However, Neville acknowledged that the manager had done an incredible job given that his net spend since 2004 is just 98m GBP. To put it into context, the net amount spent in this duration by Manchester City is 597m GBP. The picture below showcases the total net spend by each side since 2004.

The combined money spent by the EPL teams is a staggering 1751m GBP. Arsenal FC has contributed just 5.5% of that amount, but, still have qualified year in, year out in the Champions League, reaching one final and winning two FA Cups.