Real Madrid CF winger Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player on the planet that can be mentioned in the same breath as Lionel Messi and he has come out and rejected the nickname that his critics have given him.


The Portuguese superstar recently smashed the Champions League record for most goals scored in the competitions group stage after scoring 4 in an 8-0 win over Malmo FF. He had an 11 goal haul in 6 matches in Group A. After the match, Ronaldo responded to questions on how he felt about his infamous nickname.

“You have to look at the statistics,” the Real Madrid No 7 said, according to “How many goals have I scored for Real Madrid? And they are not all penalties.”

He also went on to say that he would go on to score many more goals for Real Madrid.

“I will score as many as I can… 600, 700 – as many as I can. They will all be there for people to see.”, he added.

. Ronaldo addresses his critics

The nickname of ‘Penaldo’ has become a very popular term on social media to describe the Portugal captain, and pops up from time to time in any discussion about him.

The term in meant to convey the fact that most of Ronaldo’s goals come in the form of penalties and it is one used mostly by FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi fans who take pleasure in belittling the Argentine’s only competitor in terms of performances.

Ronaldo also had a message for all the people who like to call him Penaldo.

“And anyone who wants to can go to YouTube to see all the goals I have scored…”