Probably the hottest property around town is Frank Lampard. The former Chelsea midfielder, who has been prolific in his usual goal scoring department and has been Manchester City’s saving grace, thus far. Lampard, was once again quick to justify his mettle as he pounced on a header, and scored Manchester City’s third goal, the winner, against Sunderland. Although Lampard, has extended his loan stay till May of this year, Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has given a hint that Lampard’s stay could extend till the next season, that is the Premier League season of 2015-16.

a Maybe all the New York fans, and I understand perfectly, want to see Frank playing because for the fans in New York to see Frank play is an amazing thing. I hope that he will be there next year but I think that in this moment the best decision for him, for the club, for New York is to stay here with us.a asserted Pellegrini

When inquired about his use of ‘hope’ in the above statement, Pellergini was quick to shield himself from rumors and said, “You are talking May or June? You cannot have all different questions about Frank Lampard. He will stay now with us until the end of the season. In May maybe you can start thinking about what will happen in the future. He will stay with us until May.a

Frank Lampard, has been the subject of controversy ever since he decided to extend his loan stay with Manchester City, leaving an army of disappointed New York City fans in his wake. Lampard, joined New York City from Chelsea and then moved on a loan to Manchester City from the MLS side.

A statement from third rail, New York City’s independent supporters group said:

‘Many fans, including our members, decided to support the team, committed to season tickets and bought merchandise under the impression that Frank Lampard would be playing for New York City Football Club, not Manchester City. Many of those fans are rightly outraged by this decision.’

However, Pellegrini was quick to defend his contingent from the angry NYC supporters. The Chilean asserted, “a That is why every time you ask me about Frank Lampard during December, I repeat once again we are trying to keep Frank but it is not easy because others are involved in this situation.”

Although Pellegrini would be a target of Lampard related questions, there is no denying that the Chilean would love his presence in the dressing room. Lampard, has often been Pellegrini’s shining knight in armor and his scored vital goals, in the Manchester City campaign.