Louis van Gaal has hit back at Paul Scholes after the former Manchester United midfielder claimed that he wouldna t have enjoyed playing under the Dutchman. After being labelled as too conservative for Paul Scholesa liking, Van Gaal questioned the former midfieldera s true intentions behind such criticism.

As reported earlier, Paul Scholes compared Louis van Gaal to Alex Ferguson as he criticised the Dutchman for being too tactically conservative. The United legend made it clear that he wouldna t have enjoyed playing under the new manager at Manchester United.

Van Gaal dismisses Paul Scholesa criticism as irresponsible

As reported by the Guardian, Van Gaal questioned Paul Scholesa motivation behind such harsh criticism. The Dutchman believes that Scholes issued such statements in order to benefit himself and not the club.

a He [Scholes] doesna t have the responsibility so he can say everything. Why is he saying something? Because of the benefit of the club or for the benefit for him? He is a legend and he has a lot of resonance I have heard.a

Van Gaal reminded the former United midfielder that he was aware of his responsibility at the club and that he was motivated to do well because of their a unbelievablea fans.

a I know when we shall lose and lose I shall be finished a but I will do everything for this club because of the fans, who are unbelievable.a

A legend needs to be responsible

According to Louis van Gaal, a club legend should air his grievances privately with those in charge at the club instead of voicing their opinions in TV stations where they are paid to make headlines.

a I think when you are a legend, you have to speak with the manager or his friend, Ryan Giggs, or Ed Woodward, but not this way, because he will be paid by the BBC or Sky.a

Speak to Ryan Giggs, not to BBC and Sky, says Louis van Gaal

Speak to Ryan Giggs, not to BBC and Sky, says Louis van Gaal

Manchester Uniteda s Class of 92 has been particularly relentless in their criticism of the club post the Alex Ferguson era. The likes of Gary Neville and Paul Scholes have established themselves as popular TV pundits and have been vocal in their criticism of Louis van Gaal in the past.

Paul Scholes earlier got into a scrap with United captain Wayne Rooney after he claimed that the Englishman had peaked too early in his career. The former midfielder opined that Rooney could end his international career with regret, a criticism that was promptly dismissed by Wayne Rooney. Surprisingly, Paul Scholes defended Wayne Rooney’s recent slump in front of the goal as he blamed Louis van Gaal for not allowing the team to support their striker.