The top scoring duo of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, who have been the driving force behind Leicester City’s domination of the Premier League, will not be sold under any circumstances, according to manager Claudio Ranieri.


Looking at the way the season is progressing, it looks like English striker Jamie Vardy and Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez will be attracting a lot of interest from the top clubs across Europe when the transfer window opens. But the Leicester City manager has put his foot down and said that no club can buy them.

‘Nobody can buy them. They dona t have the money to buy them,a said Claudio Ranieri, according to The Daily Mail.

‘I dona t want to put a price on them. For me they dona t have a price.a

‘The performance of Riyad and Jamie is fantastic but they are only the pinnacle of the iceberg because behind them there is a big spirit and a big team.’, he added.

‘They work and help each other to do their best, then we know Riyad and Jamie are our credit card.’

A lesson in Humility

Despite Leicester City’s huge success this season, Ranieri remains firmly grounded and says that he’s not thinking about a title challenge or top 4 finish. but on achieving 40 points as soon as possible to be statistically sure of avoiding relegation.

‘For our fans we are top of the league but for my players we need another five points. Dona t laugh. I dona t know when we can achieve these five points. Now we have Everton and Liverpool away and Manchester City and Bournemouth, who are a fantastic team, at home. These are very tough matches. Let me achieve 40 points and then I will think about the next goal.’