Michael Carrick, one of the senior most and highly respected members of the Manchester United squad, has addressed the recent slump in form of the team and said that they need to get themselves together.

The 34 year old English midfielder, who has been at the club for 9 years and been a part of many winning squads, has voiced his disappointment at the bad state of affairs at the club this season and has spoken out about their recent loss to Bournemouth and ouster from Champions League.

“It’s been a tough one to take, a very disappointing week. Going out of the Champions League was obviously tough to take and we were very disappointed,” Carrick was quoted as saying by the Manchester Evening News, according to goal.com.

“And then to come to Bournemouth, we wanted to bounce back and we tried to bounce back and to fall short like we have is doubly disappointing

No Room for Excuses


Carrick also stated that at a club as big as Manchester United, excuses were unacceptable and they had a great squad and are a great football club.

“I could say different reasons, I could talk a lot, but at the end of the day it’s about the results. We need to get back, stick together and trust ourselves to do the right thing and bounce back next week. We’ve got the squad, we’re the club that we are because we want to be fighting in the competitions. When you’ve got injuries you’ve got to deal with them so I’m not making excuses.”

He also stressed on the need to focus on the future and getting back to winning ways.

“We need to get back to winning games. We’re focused on next week to get back to winning games. That’s always important for us as players and that’s all we can focus on. I think it would be wrong to focus on anything else.”