Arsene Wenger praised Arsenala s performance in their away victory over Newcastle United.

Giroud struck twice in the first half for Arsenal as a The Gunnersa inched closer to the second spot with another victory away from home. Arsenal secured their sixth consecutive victory in a match that threatened to turn around in the second half.

Wenger was full of praise for his side and said that Arsenal had a good game despite having played four games in two weeks.

Wenger said: a We have played four games in two weeks and three away games at Manchester, in Monaco and here today, and wea ve won all three. The last 40 minutes were difficult because our legs had gone a little bit and Newcastle played very well in the second half, but we had an outstanding second half going forward. We had a fluent game by creating chance after chance and in the second half we just had to show different qualities and hang on.a

Giroud, who scored twice in four minutes for Gunners, was also at the receiving end of the managera s words of praise.

Speaking about the Frenchman, Wenger said: a He scores the goals, he fights hard and keeps the ball up front. He had a good game again today.a

The victory takes Arsenal a point short of the second-placed Manchester City and four points behind league leaders Chelsea. However, Chelsea have played two less games than both the sides and Wenger believes Chelsea have enough security to be calm.

Wenger said: a Chelsea have a good security and at the moment I feel they have enough to be quite serene. We have Manchester City in front of us but if you look behind us it is tight as well, so the important thing is to win our games. Chelsea have too much security.a

When asked whether finishing second in the league and winning the FA Cup would be a success, Wenger insisted that they are only thinking about winning the next game.

He asserted: a At the moment we are not concluding anything. We are in the fight. You have seen the game today a in every game we need to turn up and fight until the last minute to get the points and thata s what we have to do. We just have to go for the next game and win it.a

When quizzed whether the players believe they can win the league, Wenger again insisted that they will go step by step and are only thinking about the next game.

a The players want to do as well as they can. We know we have a fight first to be in the top four. We go step by step, game by game.a Wenger said.