After Mourinho claimed scandal and conspiracy against his team Chelsea FC, both Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini and Southampton’s Ronald Koeman, have dismissed claims as a personal point of view. Mourinho’s Chelsea was in the thick of controversy when Mourinho claimed ‘scandal’, following an incident involving Spanish International Cesc Fabragas, in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw against Southampton. Fabregas, was brought down by Matt Targett in the penalty box, but instead of pointing towards the penalty spot, referee Anthony Taylor booked the Chelsea midfielder for diving.

Mourinho, like his usual self was furious at the referee and even said that Taylor should be ashamed of himself. However, this sage involving Mourinho and referees, has garnered suitors and irked some managers and critics, alike. Former Manchester United player Gary Neville, was quick to brand Mourinho’s words as ‘planting a seed’.

Southampton’s manager Ronald Koeman, also indulged in this matter and backed the referee for his decision.

a Ita s his feeling, I cana t say anything about that, but I dona t think so. I think referees are human people, everybody makes mistakes. And I think at the end of the season ita s a little bit in balance. I dona t think teams are more punished by the referee than the rest of the teams. It was a bad mistake from the referee, because when I watched the game afterwards it was a 100 per cent penalty. But sometimes you get a penalty and sometimes you dona t, thata s part of the job.a said Koeman.

Meanwhile, Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini adopted a much more diplomatic stance when inquired about this incident.

a I dona t want to talk about what other managers say because I dona t know what happens in every game. Maybe as a manager we only know what happens against our team. All teams have difficult moments with referees. ‘ said Pellegrini

‘All teams drop points because of referees making mistakes. The first goal by Burnley against us on Sunday was offside.

‘Ita s normal and I dona t have any doubt about the way the referees whistle every game. I trust absolutely in the way they do it.a

a After the game is not the best moment to talk about decisions, particularly if you have not won. Ita s a difficult profession, refereeing.a

Mourinho’s claim for scandal, has been dubbed as an act swaying refereeing favors towards Chelsea’s side. Following a string of controversial decisions, wherein four Chelsea players were booked for alleged diving, perhaps Mourinho was right in claiming scandal. But as expected, not everybody will support this claim.