Speaking ahead of Chelseaa s opening Champions League fixture against Maccabi Tel Aviv, manager Jose Mourinho took another jab at Arsene Wenger while admitting that he lacked the experience needed to build a dynasty at Chelsea FC.

Mourinho has come under immense scrutiny due to Chelseaa s poor start this season but the manager sounded a defiant note as he reminded the Press that they were still the ‘champions of England’.


Wea re not happy, but we know what we are

As reported by the Guardian, Mourinho admitted that he was far from pleased with Chelseaa s performance. However, aiming his jibe quite clearly at Arsenala s Arsene Wenger, he claimed that other managers had it easy despite failing to achieve a good resultsa in a period of 10 years.

a Our lives are about getting good results but, you know, at other clubs you have to go back two, three, five, six, 10 years to remember good results. In our case you have to go back three months. Three months we were the best team in the country, the best manager, the players.

a Why are some managers not in difficult situations five, six, 10 years [without winning trophies] and I am the current champion of England: so why should I be in trouble? Why? Wea re not happy, but we know what we are.a

"a Why are some managers not in difficult situations?"

“a Why are some managers not in difficult situations?”

Mourinho seeks to build a dynasty at Chelsea but knows that he lacks the experience

While Mourinho lashed out at a journalist for asking a a stupida question, the manager claimed that he was looking to build a dynasty at Chelsea, something that he has never attempted before at any other club.

a Asking about building dynasties is a different question. I havena t done that before. This will be the first time Ia m trying to do that, so I dona t have previous experience from the past.a

Mourinhoa s third season in charge at Chelsea has been marred by a series of controversies. The Portuguese clashed publicly with his medical team and with the side succumbing to a 3-1 defeat away at Everton last weekend, the manager will be desperate to get some respite as Chelsea host Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League.