Chelsea FC manager Jos Mourinho has revealed that he does not consider any member of his Blues side to be ‘untouchable’ given the lack of consistency this season


The Portuguese used the term ‘untouchables’ in his first spell in charge at Chelsea FC to describe players such as John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba a players who were so consistent in their performances that they were rarely ever dropped.

After the Blues’ worst ever start to a Premier League season however, Jos Mourinho believes there are no more ‘untouchables’ in his current side. The top performers from Chelsea FC from last season have failed to maintain that standard this, including PFA Player of the Year Eden Hazard.

“To be untouchable you have to be consistent” – Mourinho

The Blues’ boss has sent out a warning to his star players ahead of their Group G meeting with Porto on Tuesday, saying there are no ‘untouchables’ in his side.

Speaking at his press conference ahead of the game, Mourinho is quoted as saying (via “To be untouchable you have to be consistent. You have to be a fantastic player but you have to be consistent. We have fantastic players, the players who gave us the title last season, no doubts about it, but football is about today, not about yesterday.

“In football you have to be consistent in your performance, consistent in your emotion. To be a winner you dona t need to win all the time, you lose, you cannot win all the time, but you need a strong mentality every game, every day.

“In this moment I dona t have untouchables. I have very good players, players I like very much. I like my squad, I like their qualities, their human qualities, they are a very good group of guys. Thata s a privilege to work with a group I like so much, no doubts about it, but untouchables, only consistency can give you that.”


Mourinho proud of his place in FC Porto history

The 52-year-old returns to the club with which he won his first UEFA Champions League title in 2004 when the Blues take on FC Porto on Tuesday, and the Portuguese expressed his pride at having a rightful place in the club’s history.

Asked if he paid a visit to the club’s museum, Mourino replied in the affirmative, saying (via “As a museum it is amazing. When you are lucky to be part of it, when you are not just a simple visitor, you are somebody that did something to deserve to be part of that museum, it is very emotional.

“You realise you did something important time will not delete. So for me ita s the kind of visit that makes my opponenta s heart a bit softer and I have now to go to the hotel and make it hard again, because tomorrow I have a big game.”