Chelsea’s dynamic manager, Jose Mourinho, has promised to put on a spectacle for Chelsea fans and carve out a ‘night of horror’, for Liverpool supporters. Mourinho, claims that he has identified a breach in Liverpool’s hull and promises that he will capitalize on the error. Mourinho, believes that this breach has been Liverpool’s three man formation, which has caused the Reds to vacate acres of space.

a Liverpool gave a lot of space,a Mourinho said. a They play with three defenders. The full-backs are wide. We could hurt them much more than we did there. I was frustrated [in the first leg] because normally our midfield is full of quality after losing the ball. We recovered the ball, lost the ball, recovered the ball, lost the ball a when I saw enough space to score more goals.a

Problems, are many for Liverpool. If playing with a flat back three is one, then attacking fluidity is certainly another. The Reds, failed to impress in their FA Cup clash and have been complacent in the strike department. However, the pace and energy of Raheem Sterling, still remains unparalleled in the current iteration of Liverpool. When inquired about the fleet footed player, Mourinho said, ” a He scored a fantastic goal but I didna t see too much more than that,I think Chelsea played defensively very well. In that action [of scoring] he was fantastic and we made a couple of mistakes the way we approached that situation.a

Meanwhile, Mourinho’s Chelsea suffered one of the biggest upsets in their history when they tasted defeat against Bradford City in their FA Cup clash. It was clearly evident that Mourinho’s men were forced to struggle against a team, which plays in the third tier of English football. However, Mourinho promises and assures Chelsea fans that the team is motivated and will make up for the defeat against Bradford.

a I think everybody wants it more now because the only domestic cup we can win at this moment is the Capital One Cup. The FA Cup is finished for us and because it is now finished I think the players and the fans will use the Liverpool game this season to win a domestic cup.a said Mourinho.

Chelsea face Liverpool in Capital One Cup’s semi-final clash at Stamford Bridge on 27th January. This tie is supposed to be a reverse fixture, which is bound to decide the finalists of the Capital One Cup, following a 1-1 draw at Anfield, which did not vindicate any clear victor.