Chelsea FC finally managed to get a win in the Premier League against Norwich City, but Mourinho had no illusions about their title hopes and said that it was nothing short of Mission Impossible.

The Stamford Bridge outfit took a lead through a Diego Costa strike in the 64th minute which they managed to hold on to till the end. The win was much sought after, but it wasn’t exactly an inspiring performance and it didn’t really look like Championship winning material, and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was very clear cut about it.

“If you ask me about the title, I would say impossible mission. Maybe Tom Cruise could do it.”, he told Sky Sports, (via

Mourinho Isn’t Impressed

“We did well enough not to have the last four minutes under pressure.” Mourinho added.

“In the first half we should be winning. In the second half we should score before the goal, we should score after the goal. A chance we missed in the last minute in the first half is incredible.”

“We hit the post immediately after the 1-0 [which would have] killed the game. And then because the situation is fragile, where we think everything goes against us and we are never lucky, we put ourselves in a position in the last four minutes where they had a throw-in, a corner, a rebound and you can lose two points.”

But Jose also recognized the significance of the game and thought their effort deserved the 3 points.
“That would have been very much undeserved. We showed the desire to win and we won, which obviously, in this moment, is very important.”, he said.

Mission Impossible: Starring Chelsea FC


The Blues managed to leapfrog opponents Norwich City and find themselves in 15th position on the league table with 14 points, hardly the perfect perch for the reigning EPL Champions. League leaders Leicester City have double the points and with one-third of the season already done with, the ascent to the top looks increasingly difficult.

There were some promising takeaways for them though, with the team looking much more potent going forward and the defense managing to shore up. They should ideally be looking to make a top 4 finish at least, unless Tom Cruise listens to Jose and takes up this particular Mission Impossible.