Former Chelsea FC manager Carlo Ancelotti, who is heading for Bayern Munich next year, recently spoke out about Jose Mourinho’s sacking from the club.

Carlo Ancelotti has managed some of the best clubs in Europe, including Real Madrid and Chelsea, and will be heading to Bayern Munich next summer to try adding the Bundesliga title to his list of accomplishments. He recently gave his opinion on the sacking of Jose Mourinho, saying that it was the players lack of motivation that cost the Portugese manager his job.

“That is the most difficult job for a coach because within a group, both one that is doing well and one that is doing badly, there are always problems to resolve,” the Italian coach told

“When things are going well, there is a risk of relaxation; when things are going badly, obviously there is a loss of confidence. The coach must always keep a good balance in that sense, lifting the confidence levels particularly when things don’t seem to be working.

“It’s a little of this that Mourinho paid for, the fact that the team had not started like last year, when they had a tremendous desire to do well after a bad year. This year it was exactly the opposite; he paid for the lack of motivation among the players.”

Managerial musical chairs .

Ancelotti and Mourinho both find themselves playing a part in the game of managerial musical chairs that is happening across Europe’s top clubs right now. While Ancelotti was sacked by Real Madrid earlier this season and is now headed to Bayer Munich, Mourinho’s next destination remains a mystery with a number of pundits predicting a move to Manchester United.