After claims of scandal and a hidden campaign against Chelsea, Mourinho has now planted another seed in the form of Eden Hazard. The sensational Belgian was in the thick of controversy in the London derby against Tottenham Hotspur as he was hauled by last man Federico Fazio, in an attempt to score a goal. Chelsea were left ruing their chances as Tottenham Hotspur, gave their neighbors a surprise 5-3 hammering. Mourinho, as expected, was quick to lament referee Phil Dowd and claimed that he was ‘too slow’. When inquired about Hazard, Mourinho blatantly said that the Belgian midfielder, is being punished by almost everybody on the field.

“People in love with football in this country, people must be in love with Eden Hazard,” Mourinho said.

“The way, match after match, he’s being punished by opponents and he’s not being protected by referees, maybe one day we won’t have Eden Hazard.

“It’s one, two, three, four, five, 10 aggressive fouls against him. They kick and kick and kick, and the kid resists.

“He’s a very honest guy in the way he plays, but that’s another problem.”

Talking to BT Sports, Mourinho used Hazard’s version of events to blame referee Phil Dowd.

Hazard, honest as always, tells me in his opinion it was not a foul or a red card, so that’s good, in spite of Mr Dowd is too slow to go with that ball, he was like 40 yards away, he made the right decision.

“The decision (that) was like 10 meters away, he couldn’t make and that’s a decision that is the crucial moment of the game.”

Mourinho, when inquired about the Hazard-Fazio incident agreed that it was a close decision but once again pointed to Phil Dowd’s inability to give a decision when Vertonghen handed the ball.

“That is difficult for him and difficult for everyone, not just for him. That situation is something you accept is difficult.

“The first one, in the first half, which is clear, like the one against Southampton, which was also clear. They’re the ones that are difficult to accept.

“Managers and players, we win and lose. And Mr Dowd didn’t lose.”

This defeat against Tottenham Hotspur, has been an unexpected hurdle for Mourinho and Chelsea fans. Whilst Mourinho’s men dropped all three points, Pellegrini’s grabbed all three. Manchester City are currently second, due to Chelsea’s superior goal difference, but both teams are tied at equal points.

With Watford next, Jose Mourinho would expect his team to get back to winning ways and progress in the FA Cup.