Former Chelsea FC . striker Tony Cascarino believes that Arsenal FC or Manchester City could have won the EPL title last season, if they had Jose Mourinho in charge.

Chelsea won their fourth Premier League title last season, in the end by a fairly comfortable margin. Early challengers Manchester City faded away as the season progressed, while Arsenal had an abysmal start to their league, which left them with too much to do towards the end. It was their first league title after a gap of five years as Jose Mourinho once again proved his worth.

Former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino, who spent two seasons at the London based club, believes that Arsenal or Manchester City could have achieved the League title last season, if they had Jose Mourinho in charge.

a The difference between Chelsea and their rivals is the manage. I believe that if Mourinho was manager of Arsenal, hea d have won the league. Likewise with Man City. Thata s the quality he brings.

a John Terry said Petr Cech is worth 15 points. Maybe so. Mourinho is worth more than that to Chelsea.

a We saw two Chelseas in the season. We saw a very entertaining one and then, when it got tight, they became tight and didna t give too much away. Thata s to do with the manager.

a How did they win the league? By being tactically brilliant. Ita s no coincidence that in the last two years none of their major rivals have been able to beat them.

a Thata s a massive disadvantage for them; hea s hurting every one of his rivals every time they play.a a The former Chelsea striker told Sky Sports in an interview.

Mourinho also dominated the head-to-head battles against the top four clubs and Cascarino believes that teams who want to challenge for the title, will have to beat Chelsea. The 52-year-old insists that the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United still have a lot of catching up to do, both in terms of tactics and personnel, before they can mount a sustainable title challenge.

a Chelsea are the ones to beat. Arsenal and City have got to be better tactically. United is interesting because of the big kitty they have to spend but theya ll still have to gel that group together if they bring in new players.

a All the things that other teams have to do a sort their tactics out, gel together a Chelsea have already done. All theya re doing now is what United and, before that, Liverpool used to do: add one or two to a group that was being successful to refine it.

a If you want to win the league next season, youa ve got to beat Chelsea.a a Cascarino added.