Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho, ended a self-imposed Media black out and once again cried foul against Premier League officials. Mourinho, who criticized referees, following Chelsea’s 1-1 draw to Southampton, was handed an FA charge for the claiming ‘scandal’ and for asserting ‘a hidden campaign against Chelsea’. But, Mourinho, is back with more fireworks and this time the self proclaimed special one, has said that Chelsea are treated differently to everyone else.

“Would you think such a penalty against Chelsea would have a reaction in the media and with managers in the same way after that reaction?” Mourinho asked. “I don’t think so. After that the reaction would be double or treble, so obviously a referee needs to feel free, relaxed and with no pressure to do the best they can.

“With Chelsea and with me the reactions are different. Do you think if I push a manager in the technical area that I don’t have a stadium ban? I have a stadium ban.

“So referees are not guilty, they want to do their best but clearly there are measures and there are ways of reacting and clearly with my club and in relation to myself there are different standards, it’s as simple as that and you know that.”

Mourinho, also claimed foul when Chelsea were hammered 5-3 by Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea’s prolific winger Eden Hazard was hauled by Tottenham’s last man in defense, but the referee failed to award Chelsea, a penalty. Mourinho, once again took this dissent to the media and blatantly crucified the referee.

What do you want me to do when I’m winning against Tottenham 1-0 and I have that penalty for 2-0?

“What I should do after a game like that? Don’t go to the press?

“If after Tottenham I don’t go to the press, I don’t have flash interviews or have to answer your questions about ‘Why did you lose?’, ‘How can you lose?’, ‘What happened?’, ‘Is it a penalty?’ — if I can run away from that, it is perfect for me. If this press conference today was last week, it would be completely different.”

However, Mourinho, after all the drama, is not concerned about the quality of Premier League referees and Mourinho, said that Premier League officials, are just like anyone else in the world.

“They know when their game is perfect or bad, or when it goes well for them,” Mourinho said. “I remember for example the game at Sunderland, because (the referee’s) dressing room is next door to us.

“I remember clearly the referee was Kevin Friend and when he and the other officials, linesmen and so on arrived in the dressing room after the game they were hugging each other, like a winning team does because they felt ‘top game for us’, ‘we’ve done very well.'”