Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has hinted that Premier League officials have an agenda against his striker Diego Costa, stating that he would have been suspended post game, if not red-carded for elbowing like Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho did.

Chelsea were beaten 3-0 by a convincing Manchester City performance at the Etihad last Sunday. Fernandinho was one of the goal scorer in the game, with Kompany and Kun Aguero the other name on the score sheet.


During the game, Fernandinho and Diego Costa were embroiled in an ugly battle. The fiery forward was seen smirking after having a word with Fernandinho, who moments later was yellow carded for landing an elbow on the fiery Spanish forward while going for a header.

Arguably, Fernandinho was lucky to be on the pitch and when the half-time whistle blew, Costa was seen confronting Fernandinho rather aggressively.

Mourinho claims Costa treated harshly by officials

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s tie against West Brom, Jose Mourinho said that had it been Costa who had done what Fernandinho did, the outcome would have been different.

He was quoted saying by ESPN FC: “I can guarantee you if it’s Diego Costa that does that [challenge on Fernandinho], I can guarantee you red card. If not red card, video footage [after the match] and suspension. I can guarantee that, for sure,” Mourinho told Sunday newspaper journalists.

Mourinho claims Costa is not as fiery as his reputation suggests

Costa has gained a reputation of losing his cool on the pitch, right from his Atletico Madrid days. However, Mourinho suggests that the player has improved his behaviour and his past reputation is not something he can be judged by.

“We are speaking about reputation, but what I see game after game is more of the same,” he continued. “It’s him doing his job and no more than that.

“I think enough time [has passed] to forget his reputation, because tell me when was the last time something happened.

“I don’t think he’s too physical. At least his skull is not very strong. Because boom… but Fernandinho is fine.”