Chelsea FC Captain John Terry has described Jos Mourinho as the best manager in the world a by a long waya , and said his will to win is the reason for his brilliance.

Mourinho has reportedly agreed to sign a new four-year deal and has talked of staying for another decade at Chelsea FC.

Captain John Terry has been at the club throughout his career and has overseen seven managers take the charge and go since Mourinhoa s first spell in 2005.

Stability will result into dominance

Terry believes that should Mourinho stay at the club for another decade, as he says, the stability can result into a era of football dominated by the London outfit.

a . I was delighted to have him back and now I am delighted he will stay for a few more years,a said Terry. a Ita s great news for the club but terrible news for everybody else because the other managers know that he finds ways to beat teams, he knows people inside out, on and off the pitch. Whether youa re a player or manager, he does his groundwork. He knows everything.”

“For the whole place stability is key for us, which we have missed over the previous five or six years. Ita s stable here, ita s calm.”

‘Jose Mourinho is the best by a long way’

Terry goes onto claim that Mourinho is the best manager in the world by a “long way” because of how demanding he is from the players, which in turn gets the best out of them.

The manager still pushes us every single day. You see him on the training pitch in pre-season a he is leading from the front. He demands the very best from us on a daily basis which is why for me he is the best in the world by a long way. He will keep striving, keep pushing players and getting the best out of them individually and collectively.

a He has always been a manager to take control of everything himself, hea s not one of those managers that stand back and watch from the sidelines. He is very much on the training pitch, taking the session himself and demanding things, pushing players day in and day out. He hasna t changed at all.”

Trophies are all gone, we start from scratch.

Since coming back to Chelsea FC, Jose Mourinho has overseen a league and a capital one cup victory, but, Terry claims that last season will count for nothing now.

a For me last season has finished, ita s all gone a the records and the trophies,a he said. a We go again and are starting from scratch. He will have it no other way. He has made that clear already; I have the same mentality as him. He does all the talking. There is only thing for me to be and thata s the best I can be on the training field.a